Your Style, your Life! It‘s not our story that counts - it‘s yours.

  • MAISON D‘ARGENT lets you create your own piece of jewelry that fits your character, your style, your colours.
  • It’s our mission to give you countless possibilities to create your individual bracelet.
  • Of course you can also gift our jewelry to your loved ones, share your memories and special moments with them and make them last forever.
  • Become your own designer and be a part of the MAISON D‘ARGENT family!


Although we have our origin in the German watch and jewelry industry we succumbed to the Charms of Paris a long time ago.

Where else but in the capital of fashion, chic and design are new trends and ideas omnipresent.

With our roots in Germany and our hearts in France we always strive to combine the best of both worlds – efficiency and “laissez-faire”, family traditions and new inspirations, economy without saving on design and quality.


All silver beads and charms are created by our dedicated designers and masterfully handcrafted to the highest possible quality by our team of skilled silversmiths.

All bracelets are machine-made using the latest techniques, yet still controlled by hand one by one to guarantee the highest standards we put upon ourselves.

All glass beads are made from beautiful Italian glass, unrivalled and unique.